Suzuki Piano Course by Silvia Moretti 



The Suzuki Piano Course is intended for children from three years of age and upwards and is held by Silvia Moretti (graduate of the "F. Morlacchi" Conservatory  in Perugia, 5th level of the European Suzuki Association and member of the Istituto Suzuki Italiano). The lessons are from September 1 to June 30 in Perugia, via Col di Lana 81.

The Suzuki method is based on the teachings and writings of Dr Shinichi Suzuki,  who applied his teaching method, called  the "Mother Tongue Method" first to the violin. This methodology spread worldwide teaching not only of the violin but also the piano, cello, harp, guitar and the flute to children of three or four years of age and even younger. Dr Suzuki was convinced that every child is born with an enormous potential talent and that the capacity of each individual can always be developed.

For this reason it is the duty of every parent and teacher to do whatever is necessary not to waste the enormous potential that each child possesses. Dr Suzukiís interest was focused on the overall education of the child and his method can be applied to all aspects of learning. He was also convinced that music has in itself particular qualities that favour the development of sensitivity.

"All Japanese children speak Japanese" is the affirmation that Shinichi Suzuki loved repeating and however banal it seems he used it to explain the efficacy of the method which parents worldwide use to teach their own children their native language. Within every family various phrases are used over and over again without even realizing it and this process can be classified as such:   

1) All children are surrounded by their native language from birth and become familiar with it  even  before they speak.
Parents teach their children to produce their first sounds by encouraging them through constant repetition.
Every time a child speaks the parents are happy and react with enthusiasm and encouragement.
Through daily practise their progress is natural.
5) Every new word becomes easier to pronounce and remember and the child is happy with the new ways he can express himself and communicate with others.

  Shinichi Suzuki applied these learning principles called "THE MOTHER TONGUE METHOD" to teach a musical instrument and such principles derive from the fundamental characteristics of his method: parent involvement which works in close collaboration with the teacher, starting at a very early age, the importance of surrounding the child with music, the overcoming of one difficulty at a time through daily practise which leads to a natural and constant progress and the importance of parent and teacher behaviour that must be kind, patient and encouraging as these are the base of the love and respect felt for the child.   



1) find and select talented children 1) develop talent present in every child
2) start at 7 or 8 years of age 2) start at 3 or 4 years of age
3) family involvement not foreseen 3) family is centred within the method
4) first play and then, maybe listen 4) first listen and then play
5) first read and then play 5) first play and then read
6) musical instruction is the objective 6) child's education is the objective
7) the stress is placed on the result 7) the stress is placed on how the results are obtained