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The “Renzo Trevisan" Centre of Piano Studies was established on 16 May 2004 at the behest of Andrea Trevisan, Silvia Moretti, Marco Trevisan, Amneris Macellari and Francesco Battistelli, and was later joined by Fabrizia Trevisan. The Association was formed to be an homage to the figure of Renzo Trevisan, to whom they have all been especially attached, and intends to ideally continue in the work of music promotion and education that he carried out. In fact, during the course of his life, Renzo Trevisan always dedicated himself with passion to teaching piano and to the diffusion of music.

The aim of the Association is "diffusing music training through lessons, lectures, seminars, concerts and other activities which are directed towards the knowledge of piano and its various aspects of interpretation, which range from the analysis of literature for piano to performance issues and the development of a technique suitable for interpretive needs. The Centre also aims to create opportunities for gathering, professional growth, exchange and in-depth study of musical issues that promote the theoretical and practical knowledge related to the study of music, in particular the piano.” (from art. 3 of the Statute)

Association headquarters: via Col di Lana 81   06132 Perugia

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Renzo Trevisan and his pupils in 1969