the "Renzo Trevisan" Centre of Piano Studies

Da Capo



   The "Renzo Trevisan" Centre of Piano Studies is aimed at diffusing music training through lessons, seminars, concerts and all other activities which are directed towards the knowledge of piano and its various aspects of  interpretation which range from the analysis of literature for piano, performance issues, the acquisition and the development of a technique suitable for interpretive needs.  

   Even though means of communication insistently propose music solely for mass consumption the amount of people who demonstrate a particular interest in "classical" music are more numerous that what is thought.

   However, we must admit that those who operate in the sector of "classical" music often contribute to distancing this type of music from the world today because a much too small and restricted space of time is dedicated to its presentation. Concert rituals for example have above all become to appear anachronistic to a majority of young people and this of course leads to a more selective and scanty audience. Also the study of a musical instrument is carried out at two extremes, at one end there is compulsory education which only offers an initial approach to the use of sounds and, at the other, the conservatory of music which offers only a specific education which has the sole aim of creating professional musicians and for this an  exclusive commitment is required.

   Between these two extremes a very interesting dimension can be found which fully responds to the ethical content of art: a universal language that is comprehensible and in reach of all those who have an interest in it. Music is a gift for all and each one of us can begin and cultivate it at any age, obtaining good results, making progress and refining one’s own artistic sensitivity at whatever level, whether basic or advanced.



" Music is one’s right, but only for those who deserve it! "

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli